Reach Schools

Reach is a Christian charity with 20 years’ experience working with a variety of schools in the Reading area. All our services are provided free of charge. We are funded through generous supporters from churches in Reading. Our aim is to support schools by enabling young people and staff to reach their potential during school and in life beyond. 

We do this through:

  • Curriculum Support
    We run full RE/PSHE lessons and assemblies to help students explore the Christian faith and life issues.

  • Pastoral Support
    We run clubs, staff pitstops and student mentoring to help staff and students cope with the pressures of school life. 

We also aim to build a network of support in the community by linking schools with churches and Christians, as well as with other partners and service providers.  Our experienced team of workers and volunteers offer a wider range of support and resources that can be tailored for your school.